Does My Business Need Workers' Compensation Coverage?

one of the questions many commercial enterprise owners face when they start a new enterprise is whether they're required to carry workers' compensation coverage on the employees they lease. while most states vary in their policies and rules concerning employees' repayment, permit's take a look at Florida's people' reimbursement guidelines.

For starters, in case you're in the construction industry and have one or greater personnel, Florida legal guidelines require you to carry employees' reimbursement insurance. The only exception to this rule is in case you are an exempted corporate officer or member of a restrained legal responsibility enterprise.

in case your enterprise is in any other enterprise aside from construction and has 4 or extra personnel, full-time or part-time, you may be required to hold a people' compensation policy. again, an exempted company officer does no longer qualify as an employee.

Farmers which have five ordinary employees and/or twelve or greater different people for seasonal agricultural hard work lasting thirty days or more also are required to hold a Florida employees' repayment policy.

whilst this is a quick review of the laws regarding Florida's workers' compensation guidelines, it's not usually cut and dry and there can really be gray areas within. for instance, landscaping agencies fall below the construction tips, in which lawn mowing employers do now not.

you could also sense it's on your great interest to carry a employees' comp policy even if you're now not required to do so. it's important to invite specific questions about employees' compensation and the benefits it could provide your personnel, as well as your commercial enterprise.

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